Elote Café & Catering

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At Elote, we strive to serve you fresh and innovative Mexican food using local products and sustainable practices in the heart of downtown Tulsa.

We are dedicated to providing fresh ingredients to deliver healthy and filling food straight from our kitchen, right to your plate. We do all this while limiting negative environmental impact through green practices, including:



Our produce remnants are composted to nourish the gardens run by R&G Family Grocers.

Biodegradable Packaging.

All of our to-go plates, forks, knifes and napkins are 100% biodegradable and made from sugar beets and corn instead of Styrofoam.



Outstanding flavor.

All of our food is free of unnecessary fats, relying on fresh herbs and spices for outstanding flavor.

Ethically Sourced Meats.

All of the meats used in our dishes are raised without the use of antibiotics or hormones. All animals are fed a 100% Vegetarian Diet and are raised using humane handling practices. Are meats are sourced from Greenwood Farms, Crystal Lake Farm and Creekstone Farms.


We recycle all plastic, glass, paper and aluminum that is used in house.


Keeping it local.

We support local farmers and vendors including: Greenwood Farm, Highland Dairy, Pancho Anaya Panaderia, Hot Seating, The Trophy Room, Curtis Restaurant Supply, Lucy’s Tortillas, Java Dave’s Coffee, J-M Farms, Cheatwood’s Honey, Thirst Wines, Marshall Brewing Company, Prairie Artisan Ales, Coop Ale Works, R&G Family Grocers and Eden Veggies.