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ELOTÉ's OWNERS: Libby and Jeremy Auld

ELOTÉ MANAGEMENT:Libby and Jeremy Auld, Audrey Meshek, and Frank Ramos



all photos by Robert Billings Photography ©2008

514 South Boston Avenue
(918) 582-1403

At Eloté, we strive to serve you amazing food every day by using the freshest ingredients available. We know how difficult it is too eat healthy, fresh food in our busy lives. We are dedicated to making that easier for our customers. Fresh ingrediants enable us to deliver tasty, healthy, filling food straight from our kitchen, right to your plate. We do all this while limiting negative environmental impact through green practices including:

  • Meats organically grain fed and raised in Bixby, Oklahoma

  • We Compost! Our produce remnants are composted to nourish the community gardens at Newsome Community Farms.

  • Fryer oil is recycled to make clean-burning bio-diesel fuel

  • All printing is done on 100% recycled paper

  • All food is free of unnecessary fats, relying on fresh herbs and spices for outstanding flavor

  • We support local farmers and vendors including Natural Farms, Three Springs Farm, Highland Dairy, Pancho Anaya Panaderia, Curtis Restaurant Supply, the Living Kitchen, Java Daves Coffee, J-M Farms, Cheatwood's Honey, Marshall Brewing and Newsome Community Farms.



Libby Auld, Owner, Eloté Café and Catering, was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1981. She began working in the food industry at age 15. After her 1999 graduation from Booker T. Washington High School in Tulsa, Auld attended culinary school at Oklahoma State University-Okmulgee. Just two years later she met co-owner and future husband Jeramy. In 2002, Auld expanded her culinary artistry with internships at the highly acclaimed Topolobampo and Frontera Grill restaurants in Chicago, Illinois. Here, Auld honed in on creating fresh, authentic Mexican dishes that pack flavor and healthfulness in each bite.

Combining her love of authentic Mexican food, her skills cultivating natural ingredients and her desire to bring a unique dining experience to Tulsa, Auld and family renovated a historic restaurant in downtown to open Eloté Café and Catering in May 2008.


Jeramy Auld, Owner, Eloté Café and Catering, was born in Tonkawa, Oklahoma in 1979. He began his work in food service at 16 with an after-school job at the local Sonic. Auld spent the next several years working at various restaurants, but his focus was his work on a major in Mathematics from the University of Central Oklahoma. That major, along with his customer service and management skills landed Auld a job as a bank teller for Bank of the West in Tulsa in 2006. Auld moved to IBC bank a short time later to work as an Assistant Branch Manager for the 71st and Memorial location in Tulsa. A proven leader, Auld was promoted within a few short weeks to Downtown Branch Manager, promoted again to Area Sales Manager, and promoted one last time to serve in his current position as Corporate Cash Manager. With Jeramy’s skills in the food industry and money management, his venture into the opening of Eloté Café and Catering with his wife was inevitable.