At Elote, we strive to serve you amazing food every day by using the freshest ingredients available. We know how difficult it is too eat healthy, fresh food in our busy lives. We are dedicated to making that easier for our customers. Fresh ingredients enable us to deliver tasty, healthy, filling food straight from our kitchen, right to your plate. We do all this while limiting negative environmental impact through green practices including:

Meats organically grain fed and raised in Bixby, Oklahoma

We Compost! Our produce remnants are composted to nourish the community gardens at Newsome Community Farms.

All To Go plates, forks, knives and napkins are 100% biodegradable and made from sugar beets and corn instead of Styrofoam.

All printing is done on 100% recycled paper

All food is free of unnecessary fats, relying on fresh herbs and spices for outstanding flavor

We support local farmers and vendors including Natural Farms, Three Springs Farm, Highland Dairy, Pancho Anaya Panaderia, Curtis Restaurant Supply, Conrad Farms, Lucy’s Tortillas, Java Daves Coffee, J-M Farms, Cheatwood’s Honey, Thirst Wines, Marshall Brewing and Newsome Community Farms.



Libby Billings is the owner of Elote Cafe & Catering, The Vault and Roppongi Ramen. She’s a Tulsa native, Booker T Washington alumni, OSU IT culinary school graduate and a proud mother of two.

Billings opened her first restaurant, Elote in 2008 with five employees and a $30,000 SBA business loan. Since then Billings has opened two more restaurants and added 70 employees. She has been credited with the revitalization of the Deco District after forming and residing as President of the Deco District neighborhood association for its first five years. During those years, she brought crowds to downtown Tulsa with Salsafest and its Chihuahua races, The Pop Up Shops, Chalkfest and of course the Luchadores. In addition to her focus on urban revitalization she led Tulsa’s restaurant industry with her commitment to local foods and sustainability. Elote was the first restaurant to recycle, compost and use biodegradable to-go boxes in Tulsa. Today Billings serves on the Downtown Coordinating Council and is the chairwoman elect for 2017. Billings has no investors and is proud to be a role model for other women and girls who want to follow their entrepreneurial dreams.